8 in 1 LED + EMS Cleansing & Firming Device

Combining EMS and LED technology, our 8 in 1 cleansing device cleans, relaxes, rejuvenates, tightens and plumps the skin for a clear, smooth and youthful complexion.

1 x Cleaning & Firming Device
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‘Forever Young’ 8 in 1 LED + EMS cleansing & firming device

Thoroughly cleansing is the first step to beautiful skin. Discover the perfect balance of deep cleansing and relaxing massage with incredible anti-ageing results with our brand new 8 in 1 LED and EMS cleansing & firming device.

Designed for the maximum results from deeply cleansed pores to reduced fine lines and wrinkles, this battery-powered cleansing device is UV-free and crafted in medical-grade silicone. Waterproof and hypoallergenic and compact design, it’s the perfect beauty tool for all skin types at home and on the go.

Using 5500 rpm sonic pulsations, the silicone cleansing brush lifts dirt, oil and makeup residue off the skin, cleansing deep into the pores, massaging and clarifying the skin.

The reverse side of the cleansing device is fitted with EMS electrical muscle stimulation, LED light, Ion Care and Thermal Heat therapy. It uses sonic vibrations and an integrated EMS massager tool to continue  revitalise the skin and promote cell regrowth for youthful skin.

Are you ready for young, revitalised and beautifully bright skin?

Functions of the device:

• Cleansing + Sonic vibration: non-toxic silicone brush with 5500rpm sonic pulsations per minute. Effectively lifts away daily dirt, oil and make up residue. Cleansing, massaging, clarifying. Incredibly easy to use, it’s rechargeable via a USB cable, plus it’s totally waterproof and hypoallergenic, thanks to medical-grade silicone.

• Positive ions: can help deep cleanse the skin and pores of hidden dirt.

• Negative ions: help nutrients to deeply penetrate the dermis.

• Thermal therapy: relaxing and rejuvenating the skin. Tightens and plumps the skin by increasing circulation and promoting oxygen within the blood.

• Sonic vibration: 5500rpm sonic pulsations per minute effectively break down and eliminate the residue deep in pores. Refine the nutrients for better absorption and massage the skin for soothing and relaxing treatment.

• Red LED Light: 630-650nm. Red LED light penetrates the dermis, promotes collagen production to maintain the natural elasticity of the skin. UV-free.

• Yellow LED Light: 590-595nm. Yellow light can accelerate blood circulation, activate cells, promote cell growth, decompose skin melanin and improve dark spots. Works against fine lines and wrinkles. UV-free.

• EMS technology: Electric Muscle Stimulation. Low voltage electrical currents stimulate muscles to rejuvenate the skin for a bright and youthful complexion.

Uses small electrical impulses to stimulate your muscles in a process known as passive exercise. The resulting EMS muscle contractions aid lifting, toning and strengthening.

How to use

How to use 8 in 1 LED + EMS cleansing & firming device

1. Cleansing Mode: Cleanse your skin of makeup using your regular cleansing routine before using the device. Then, begin with the 1st mode – cleansing. Apply your cleanser directly to the face or to the device’s brush with a little water. Press and hold the on/off button to start the device. Use circular motions to massage the face and use the +/- control for more or less vibration.

Turn the device over to find more lifting and firming functions.

2. Positive Ions and Red LED Light Mode: Use this mode to use positive ions, red LED light and thermal heat therapy to further cleanse and promote collagen production, creating elasticity and tone.  Press and hold the on/off button to turn the device on. Press the on/off button again and choose a level to suit.  Here, you can remove the magnetic alloy ring and add a cotton pad to apply your toner.  Alternatively, use it without removing the magnetic alloy ring over your moisturiser or serum.

Touch the ionic strip on the side of the device to activate the ions and feel the vibration and massage on the face. Use from bottom to top.

3. Negative Ions + Yellow LED Light Mode: Use this mode to use negative ions, yellow LED light and thermal heat therapy to penetrate the dermis, promote circulation, activate cells and encourage cell regrowth.  Apply your moisturiser or serum.  Press and hold the on/off button to turn on the device. Press again on/off twice and choose a level to suit.

Touch the ionic strip to feel the vibration and activate the ions. Massage and lift the face from bottom on top for the best results.

4. Firming Mode: Use the Firming mode to activate the EMS technology with red LED therapy. Restore radiance and work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a lifting effect.  Apply your moisturiser or serum.  Press and hold the on/off button to turn on the device. Then, press three times and choose a level to suit. Massage and  lift the face from bottom to top.

5. It’s important to thoroughly rinse the device after each use with warm water and without chemicals to prepare for your next use.

With an impressive battery life, you will only have to charge your device approximately once every other month.

LED Light Therapy

How Does It Work?

LED light therapy works to penetrate the skin deeply but gently. The light activates your natural collagen production and stimulates cell regrowth and renewal. The results? Revitalised, fresh and youthful skin. Alongside acne and ageing-fighting benefits.

Benefits of LED Light Therapy

There are many skincare benefits to adding LED light therapy into your routine. Here are just a few of our favourite benefits.

Collagen Production

Collagen production in our skin starts to slow down as early as our mid-twenties. In order to maintain plump, fresh and young-looking skin, we need to produce collagen. LED light therapy can help. Activating cells beneath the surface of the skin, light therapy encourages and stimulates collagen production, keeping your complexion plump, smooth and firm.


LED light therapy gets to work activating the cells beneath the skin. This boosts cell renewal and cell regeneration which revitalises the skin for brightness while working against the visible signs of ageing. This also helps with anything from dark age spots to pigmentation to clear the skin and create ultimate smoothness.

Soothing the Skin

Certain types of LED light therapy can work to soothe sore or sensitive skin. When used on a regular basis, this can help with skin issues such as eczema and rosacea.

LED Light Therapy Safety

Unlike other types of light therapy, LED lights do not contain ultraviolet rays. Therefore, they’re safe for regular and long-term use. Because of its gentle impact, LED light therapy does not cause burns or irritation to the skin compared with other anti-ageing treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy.

LED light therapy should be safe for all skin colours and types. Please discuss with your regular facial professional if you have very specific skin issues or if you are currently undergoing a specific skincare treatment.

Add LED light therapy to your skincare routine with our brand-new 8 in 1 LED + EMS Cleansing & Firming Device.

EMS Facial Fitness

Why is it important to train your facial muscles?

Like all other muscles in your body, the facial muscles will start to weaken over time. This can lead to a less sculpted look with reduced contours of the face. Which, in general, leads to a less youthful complexion.

Training your muscles helps to strengthen, tone and sculpt – in your face. Or anywhere else in the body.

What is EMS and how does it work?

EMS is electrical muscle stimulation. This technology is built into our new cleansing device. Which means, while you deeply cleanse your skin, you also get the incredible benefits of EMS. But what does it actually do?

EMS uses pain-free micro currents to stimulate the muscles in your face. This expands and contracts the muscles in a specific area. This process is called ‘passive exercise’ as your muscles are basically being trained with the movements like you would train your arm or leg muscles in the gym.

Over a short amount of time, and with regular use, this facial muscle training helps to strengthen and tone the muscles in your face.

How will EMS tech help your skin?

So, EMS helps to train and tone the muscles in your face. But why?

The benefits of EMS for the skin are simple.

→ You’re improving circulation which boosts your natural ‘glow’.
→ You’re enhancing the muscle strength and endurance which helps to reduce the visible signs of ageing.
→ You’re reducing uneven fat pockets beneath the skin which helps to create a smooth and clear complexion.
→ You’re lifting, toning and sculpting the skin for a contoured and plumped result.

Start your facial fitness journey today with our 8 in 1 Cleansing and Firming EMS + LED Device

Cleansing Brush

Our 8 in 1 LED + EMS Cleansing & Firming device starts with a deep and effective cleanse. We recommend you remove your makeup first so that your skin can deeply benefit and you can get the best possible results.

Add water and cleanser to the face before you begin. The vibrating cleansing brush removes excess dirt and oils from the skin, working far into the pores for your deepest clean ever. The cleansing mode is also the perfect way to massage and clarify your skin.

Why Is It So Important to Cleanse?

Why put so much effort into your daily morning and evening skin cleanse?

  • Washing off your makeup properly is essential for clear skin. But removing excess dirt and oils from pollution and everyday life is what will help you to say goodbye to acne and premature ageing.
  • Cleansing and moisturising (with toner in between) help you to maintain the right level of hydration and PH balance. This is essential for youthful, plump and bright looking skin.
  • Cleansing properly allows your makeup to sit nicely on your skin and allows the rest of your skincare to work at its best.

Cleansing Device Benefits

Why try The Cult Face’s new 8 in 1 Cleansing & Firming device?

Cleanse deep into the pores

Due to high-speed vibration technology, this device gets deep into your pores for a cleanse that removes dirt and grime but also keeps your skin super healthy.

Relaxing Massage and Clarifying Skin

An innovative cleanser, this device does so much more too. Alongside providing you with a deep and relaxing massage experience, you are clarifying your skin, purifying and clearing it of all residue and excess.

Smooth and firm skin

Who doesn’t want both smooth and firm skin from their cleanser? A typical face wash can’t offer you LED and heat therapy like our device. Working individually and together to give you the best possible results.

Bright and alive complexion

With better circulation than ever, your skin will look more bright and youthful than ever.

Helps your skincare work better and more deeply into the skin

With a thoroughly cleansed canvas to work with, your favourite skincare products can get to work much more effectively. Allowing them to penetrate deeply into your skin, the device makes sure your pores are ready and waiting for treatment.

Waterproof and hypoallergenic

Making it easy to use and clean, the device is fully waterproof. Alongside this, it’s crafted from medical-grade materials which make it completely hypoallergic – perfect for even sensitive skin.


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