Our Brand

The CultFace is an expression of the evolution of beauty. Though industry trends often dictate the ‘look of the moment’, The CultFace exposes true beauty – allowing natural ingredients to reveal our customer’s real identities. 

The CultFace is healthy, natural, glowing, youthful and timeless. Our products encourage you to explore and enjoy your daily beauty routine, experiencing natural results you can see in the mirror and feel within. 

Our Products

This Product Contains: All Things Natural. We believe what we put onto our skin is just as important as what we put into our body. 

We have created original, natural and high-quality skincare, cosmetics and beauty tools, partnering with only the best chemists – crafted and tested in Europe. Free from all toxic, synthetic or potentially harmful ingredients, The CultFace skincare and product line proudly exclude harmful chemicals, sulphate detergents, parabens, synthetic fragrances and colours, animal-based ingredients, PEG’s and D.E.A. compounds.

Every ingredient in every product in The CultFace collection has been curated with a unique and specific purpose in mind. 

Using only ‘active’ ingredients that work hard to show our customers’ results, our products are highly concentrated in effective formulas of active vitamins, minerals and botanicals to boost the skin’s vitality and offer the gift of naturally beautiful skin that looks and feels incredible. It’s not just our ingredients that make our products ethically-sourced and eco-friendly. 

We commit to zero animal-testing throughout our creation process – all of our products have been scientifically tested on people only. Using recyclable glass packaging, we appreciate the damage beauty packaging has caused to the environment and The CultFace stands for positive change against this in all ways. 

Our Customers

The CultFace customer wants the very best results from their skincare – plus, a touch of indulgence. Building a community of beauty enthusiasts, The CultFace listens to its customer’s feedback and works relentlessly to improve and better every product for incredible and visible results. The CultFace customer appreciates natural skincare, crafted without the use of unnecessary and damaging ingredients.  


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