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Facial Fitness – Why Train Your Face Muscles?

Have you started your facial fitness journey yet?

This week, we’re talking about facial fitness. What do we mean by that? We’re talking about the exercising and toning of the facial muscles which leads to a whole host of amazing skin benefits. It’s the much-discussed beauty topic that just so happens to be linked to our incredible new beauty tool, our 8 in 1 LED + EMS Cleansing & Firming Device.

Why is it important to train your facial muscles?

Like all other muscles in your body, the facial muscles will start to weaken over time. This can lead to a less sculpted look with reduced contours of the face. Which, in general, leads to a less youthful complexion.

Training your muscles helps to strengthen, tone and sculpt – in your face. Or anywhere else in the body.

What is EMS and how does it work?

EMS is electrical muscle stimulation. This technology is built into our new cleansing device. Which means, while you deeply cleanse your skin, you also get the incredible benefits of EMS. But what does it actually do?

EMS uses pain-free micro currents to stimulate the muscles in your face. This expands and contracts the muscles in a specific area. This process is called ‘passive exercise’ as your muscles are basically being trained with the movements like you would train your arm or leg muscles in the gym.

Over a short amount of time, and with regular use, this facial muscle training helps to strengthen and tone the muscles in your face.

How will EMS tech help your skin?

So, EMS helps to train and tone the muscles in your face. But why?

The benefits of EMS for the skin are simple.

→ You’re improving circulation which boosts your natural ‘glow’.
→ You’re enhancing the muscle strength and endurance which helps to reduce the visible signs of ageing.
→ You’re reducing uneven fat pockets beneath the skin which helps to create a smooth and clear complexion.
→ You’re lifting, toning and sculpting the skin for a contoured and plumped result.

Now available online, start your facial fitness journey today with our 8 in 1 LED + EMS Cleansing & Firming Deviceor reach out to us here at The CultFace if you need any more advice on how it could work for you and your skincare routine.

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