EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) Skincare Benefits

EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) Skincare Benefits

Heard of EMS facials but not too sure what they are and what they can do for your skin? Our brand-new 8 in 1 LED + EMS Cleansing & Firming Device has just launched. So today, we’re delving into the world of EMS therapy for skincare.

Let’s take a look at just some of the many benefits of adding EMS therapy to your skincare routine.

What is EMS?

Electric Muscle Stimulation uses pain-free micro-currents to expand and contract muscles in a targeted area. This process lifts and sculpts the face with face-lift-style results. This therapy also works to activate cells beneath the skin which can create incredible and long-lasting results for many different skin types.

These electrical pulses stimulate the muscles to contract and expand, a process known as ‘passive exercise’. This is a similar process to what the muscles experience during active exercise this works without you having to even think about it. This contracting movement causing the mucsles to tone and strengthen.

Improving your facial contours, minimising fine lines and wrinkles and resulting in smooth and even skin-tone, EMS works towards ultimate radiance from the inside out.

Results of EMS skin therapy are best when it is used regularly over a long period of time. These are not permanent results. Therefore, if you choose to stop using the EMS therapy on your skin, you’ll notice the visible results begin to fade.

Benefits of EMS Skin Therapy

EMS Skincare Benefits
EMS Skincare Benefits

There are many benefits to the skin when using EMS therapy regularly. Here are some of the key skincare benefits.

Improve Circulation

EMS works to improve the circulation and general flow of blood beneath the surface of your skin which is essential for that natural ‘glow’ we all seek.

Increased blood flow is also key in making sure your cells are in tip-top condition, promoting the production of collagen and keeping your skin healthy and youthful.

Bright and Youthful Complexion

Also helped along by your boosted circulation, EMS actively rejuvenates the skin resulting in a bright and youthful complexion.

Enhance Muscle Strength and Endurance

EMS is often used within the sports industry. This type of therapy has the ability to enhance muscle strength by expanding and contracting the muscles, aiding your overall muscle endurance.

In the beauty world, this strengthens the muscles which can help reduce the visible signs of ageing.

Naturally Lifts and Sculpts the Face

Because EMS helps to improve the elasticity of the skin through active cell renewal, regular use can produce incredible anti-ageing results. Lifting and sculpting the face, many see renewed visibility of the natural contours of their face, giving them a fresh and youthful look.

With a wealth of skincare benefits on offer, is it time to add EMS therapy to your daily skincare routine? Try it today with our brand-new 8 in 1 LED + EMS Cleansing & Firming Device which offers EMS modes with incredible skincare results.

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