What is Body Massage Cupping?

Complete Guide: What is Body Massage Cupping?

If you don’t know much about body cupping, you might be imagining the photos of celebs on Instagram with cups stuck to their backs and red, sore-looking results. But what is body cupping? Does it always look like that? And what does it do? Here, we’ve created a complete guide to let you in on one of the beauty industry’s favourite treatments.

What is Body Massage Cupping?

Although you might have only just started to see it on Insta, cupping is no new phenomenon. In fact, it’s ancient. Used as an alternative medicine centuries ago, the technique is now being used around the world as a treatment for anything from cellulite to muscle and joint pain.

There are two different types of cupping – with or without heat. Both methods of cupping use the process of creating a vacuum between the cup and your skin.

Some salon treatments involve using an alcohol solution and heat. At home, it’s much more safe and usable to do your own treatment without.

Cupping is all about encouraging blood flow and promoting healing.

Benefits of Body Cupping

Help to Reduce Cellulite

The act of cupping massage has been known to see incredible results for those looking to reduce visible cellulite. Cellulite is caused by uneven fat deposits beneath the skin. Cupping helps to reduce and smooth these fat deposits causing less of a visible sign on the surface of the skin.

Stimulate Metabolism

Very similar to a deep tissue massage, cupping is also known to stimulate your metabolism. As your metabolism starts to slow down during your mid-twenties, an extra boost is great for both weight loss and general energy and wellness.

Cupping helps to encourage the transfer of food sources to energy faster and more efficiently.

Boost Circulation

Healthy circulation is good for everything from great sleep to energy and bright skin. Cupping can help to boost your circulation, giving you great results – fast.

The suction mechanism of the silicone cup helps to expand blood vessels allowing better and more efficient blood circulation under the skin.

Done regularly, you’ll see circulation benefits, such as skin cell repair, bright skin, relaxed muscles and more energy.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a process that works to help you get rid of toxins and waste within the body that you no longer need.

Easing liquid retention and build-up of toxins from a busy lifestyle, cupping helps to encourage your lymph nodes to start flushing. Freeing your body of the elements that you don’t need.

Ease Muscle Tension and Chronic Pain

Tense muscles are often caused by stress. Cupping can help to ease this tension which results in incredible results for pain sufferers.

The vacuum effect and suction created through a cupping treatment helps to soften the muscles and encourage your blood flow. This, in turn, relaxes your whole body and your mind. While this can help with stiff and sore muscles, cupping is also known to help with fatigue, mental stress, migraines and so many more complaints caused by muscle tension.

How to Do Body Cupping

Body cupping at home is easier than you can imagine with our silicone Sculpting Body Massager Cup.

• Cleanse your skin and use a generous amount of body butter.
• Seal the cup onto the skin with a gentle squeeze, creating a vacuum.
• Gently push and pull the cup in circular motions across the surface of the skin.
• Use all over the body, including thighs, arms and abdomen.

Add a regular at-home cupping treatment to your beauty routine and discover smooth and sculpted skin in just a few uses.

Complete Guide: What is Body Massage Cupping?

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