10 Rose Water Benefits: Anti-Oxidants to Anti-Ageing

10 Rose Water Benefits: Anti-Oxidants to Anti-Ageing

Rose water is no new trend when it comes to the beauty industry. However, considering its wealth of beauty and skincare benefits, it’s often left forgotten. At The CultFace, we couldn’t let that happen. From anti-oxidant properties to anti-ageing benefits that actively reduce fine lines and wrinkles and invigorate the skin for your healthiest glow, we simply had to highlight some of the benefits of adding rose water products to your routine. 

Here are our top 10. 

10. Cleanses & Tones

A natural cleanser, rose water helps to remove excess dirt and oil from the skin while toning and tightening pores with its astringent properties. 

9. Deep Hydration

Essential for the best skin results, rose water gives your skin deep hydration which, in turn, helps to reduce roughness as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrated skin is also more capable of flushing toxins, regenerating cells and creating a barrier against free radical damage. 

8. Eliminates Dullness

Brightening your complexion from just the first use, rose water eliminates dullness by invigorating your circulation and refreshing the skin with its natural plethora of vitamins and minerals. 

7. Boosts Collagen Production

Your skin needs collagen to feel and look its most youthful. From the age of 25, collagen production starts to reduce, so treatments like rose water become even more important for the best skin results. Rose water encourages collagen production which helps to repair elasticity in the skin and work against the early signs of ageing. 

6. Maintains Skin’s PH Balance

Working to maintain your skin’s vital PH balance, rose water helps to control levels of oil on your skin while protecting from dryness and sensitivity. 

5. Works to Neutralise Free Radicals

Damaging free radicals from things, such as UV exposure cause skin to age, sag and wrinkle. Rose water works to neutralise these free radicals, serving as a great anti-ageing treatment. 

4. Reduces Inflammation

Rose water works to suppress the growth of bacteria on the skin which helps to reduce inflammation of all kinds. From skin issues, such as eczema, rosacea and irritation to gentle redness, rose water works to heal inflammation and build an even skin tone. 

3. Moisturises

Giving your skin a natural moisture boost, rose water adds water to the skin while also helping to form a protective barrier for the skin to ensure the moisture is locked in. 

2. Anti-Septic & Anti-Bacterial

Packed with natural anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties, rose water helps to calm and heal scars on the surface of the skin to promote faster recovery. 

1. Soothes & Destresses 

Not only does rose water soothe and calm the skin, but the soft and feminine scent also calms and relaxes the mind, helping to destress and even helping with sleep. 

Our stunning Floral Water Hydrating Face toner mist comes complete with all 10 of these indulgent skincare benefits. Use it twice a day to spritz over the skin following your daily cleanses or refresh throughout the day over your makeup for the ultimate healthy, dewy complexion. Find out more here

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